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Going back to my roots

A new month, springtime, the world obsessed by a virus. While our home is in Tuscany, Italy we are starting our third month in a small cottage in Holland. Our visit to my 84 year old mother early March turned into an extended stay in the country we originate from. By the time we had planned to return European borders were closing down and the Covid-19 virus seemed to be taking over. While not being able to go back to our home in Marradi came as a bit of a shock, we decided to take it as it comes. Fortunate to be 'stuck' in a quiet rural region we have been able to go out for walks and enjoy the fresh air and more importantly sea air. My roots are in Zeeland, very near the coast and therefore I spent a lot of time on the beach at any time of my childhood and adolescent life. During my adult life I have always felt 'at home' wherever we lived spending time near the sea. The air, the smell of the salty water, the rushing waves. As soon as I enter a beach a smile appears

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